Peter Noke, says…..

At last, an online jazz teaching resource which really hits the spot ! Would be jazzers do not want to wade through endless text and chord theory before playing their first note of jazz.  They want to get playing straight away.   Simply laid out, this clear and well thought through practical resource demonstrates just how easy it is to get started, and to learn the theory along the way, in the hands of the right teacher.

Lessons are presented in bite sized chunks with clear and simple exercises which can be worked on immediately.  By integrating scale and chord based work from the outset it is possible to get up and running in a short space of time and can be accessed from any level of prior piano playing experience.  Progression is logical and well paced, the video material demonstrations easy to follow with excellent visual and audio detail.

Richard Michael’s ability to make something appear so accessible, something which immediately sets the student at ease and to which they are likely to return is borne from many years of experience in the classroom, an infectious sense of enthusiasm for everything he does and supreme musicianship.

At only £2.50 per weekly lesson you’ll not find any better.

Peter Noke – Feb 2011