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This series of audio podcasts is packed with rhythm games, performances and improvisation on simple themes, aural explanations of key musical concepts - and a beginners guide to harmony.

It has been designed to allow teachers to play the podcasts to the class and simply encourage them to participate. There is no need for the teacher to make lesson notes or lesson plans - just play the podcasts.

Teachers using this package should be able to move and groove with the music! to let the pupils feel comfortable and natural in their response to the musical challenges contained in these podcasts.

How often should you use this material?     Which age groups would benefit most?     How many should be in a class?

These are questions which can only be answered by the teachers of the children bearing in mind every child is different and every school is different. However, it must be borne in mind that those who cannot respond to rhythm are few in number and that the energy and vitality contained in these tracks should be sufficient to motivate and energise the most reluctant of students.

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