Standards: Lesson 1

Getting started – Scales of C, F and G Major and chord voicings for 2 5 1 in those keys.

In this first online jazz piano lesson you will learn how to play with a jazz feel using a simple scale, and then how to improvise over over 2 note chord voicings– it’s that easy. (But make sure you use the correct two notes, as gigs have been lost over such confusion!). Enjoy learning to play jazz piano.

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2 Responses to “Standards: Lesson 1”

  1. Harry Venables says:

    I’m new to playing piano and I’ve had a few lessons, but this method allows you take things at your own pace rather than a half hour slot. I love the way the lesson is broken down into three manageable parts.

    Its magic, I hope the rest of the lesson are in the same format.

  2. Janet Wilkinson says:

    Excellent teaching, nice methodical approach – as I expected, however, we have a painfully slow broadband connection which spoils the fun!