Jazz For All – a new set of jazz charts

December 8, 2014

Jazz For All – playable by 4 front line instruments and rhythm section.

Richard Michael BEM is one of the most experienced jazz educators working in the sector today. With over 40 years of working with players of all abilities from beginner to advanced, he has used his knowledge to create a versatile series of playable compositions, that will sound as great with a combo as with a full big band.
Richard says
“One of the frustrating things about setting up a jazz band in school or in the community, is finding the right material. Unless you have 8 brass, 5 saxes and a rhythm section you can’t play the recognised big band repertoire”

– so –

 I’ve come up with a solution!

“My new charts need 4 front line players corresponding to a vocal Soprano, Alto,  Tenor,  Bass

– the Soprano part can be played by  flute/violin/trumpet/alto

– the Alto by trumpet/ Alto,

– the tenor by tenor sax/alto/ viola and French Horn, and 

– the Bass by Baritone sax/trombone or cello.

 All the rhythm section parts are notated and the improvisation sections contain scales and chords to help the players with soloing.


These charts are priced at £5 – for pdfs of the full score and all parts. The MP3’s are yours for free.


“When players need to learn a solo, they can use the mp3’s I’ve recorded of the chord changes”.
Click HERE to watch Richard rehearse member of FYJO learning one of his charts.
Click HERE to listen to him describing the project.

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