The Deil’s awa’ wi’ the Jazzman

Picture this – the wedding ceremony complete, the bride and groom are ready to sign the register. The groom is resplendent in full highland dress and would only require the addition of a broadsword to appear the hunting, fighting Scot, all set to protect his wife from the vagaries of life when – the organ quietly plays the opening bars of “My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose” and the new found husband is a blubbering wreck, reduced to emotional incontinence by the rise and fall of this most profound of melodies.

What is it about the music of Burns that can reach out to us so many years after he set these tunes to his inimitable verse?

All I can say (as the organist in many of these weeping/wailing occasions) is that there is something indefinable about the rise and fall of the intervals in each of the tunes in this CD that signifies not only love and loss, but joy and happiness in equal measure.

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1 There was a lad was born in Kyle 

2 Ye Banks and Braes 

3 The Deil’s awa’ wi’ the Exciseman 

4 John Anderson, my Jo 

5 Ho-ree, Ho-ro, my little wee girl 

6 Ca’ the yowls 

7 A Rosebud by my early walk 

8 A Man’s a Man 

9 My love is like a red, red rose 

10 My love, she’s but a lassie yet 

11 Ae Fond Kiss 

12 The Piper o’ Dundee 

13 Corn Rigs 

14 Auld Lang Syne 

15 Morag’s Cradle Song 

16 Cameron David Ewen