Beginning the Blues

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– an introduction to understanding the ‘Blues’.

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Part 1 of Beginning the Blues podcast series introduces this simple Blues Head along with the Backing Track, the

notes of the Minor Pentatonic Scale, Bass Notes and Repeating the Head.

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Beginning the Blues Part 2  progresses from the previous lesson, using the Blues Scale, the Minor Pentatonic Scale, Mixing them up,Turn-around Chords and 6 choruses to play along with.

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This 3rd lesson in Beginning the Blues progresses from parts 1 and 2, introducing Chord Tones, then using them with the Minor Pentatonic, followed by the Blues Scale. This lesson introduces Chord Substitution.

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Lesson 4 of the Beginning the Blues series continues with the Blues Head played previously and introduces the Myxolydian Scale and the Be-Bop scale. It returns to reinforce Chord tones, the Minor Pentatonic, and the Blues Scale.

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The final lesson in the Beginning the Blues series adds the Dorian, Diminished and Harmonic Minor Scales into the mix. By now you will also be using the Chord Tones, Be-Bop and Myxolydian Scales, and not forgetting the Minor Pentatonic Scales and the Blues Scales.

Don’t panic!! this looks harder than it sounds

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