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This series of audio podcasts is packed with rhythm games, performances and improvisation on simple themes, aural explanations of key musical concepts - and a beginners guide to harmony. This series has been designed to allow teachers to play the podcasts to the class and simply encourage them to participate. There is no need for the teacher to make lesson notes or lesson plans - just play the podcasts.
Split in to 4 separate learning sections the First Step series is a fantastic resource for classroom teachers and community group leaders to get kids clapping, stomping and grooving through the basics of rhythm, beats, and grooves.

Walkin' a Groove - 20 podcasts

We use walking and clapping exercises to teach the importance of recognising beat 1, and being able to clap on beats 2 and 4 (when there are 4 beats in the bar) using 4 different grooves,  Swing, Rock, Funk and Latin groove. Slapping and Stomping are added to rhythm games to create an exciting, engaging and challenging series of exercises.


Solos on a Groove - 32 podcasts

Exercises and demonstrations to highlight 'Clapping and Playing solos on a Groove'. These include 'Play-alongs' of non-pitched solos using Swing, Rock, Funk and Latin grooves, Introduction to Pitch through the Performance of five simple tunes which can be played on Tuned Percussion instruments.


Hearing the Chord Changes - 6 podcasts

These exercises assist in the recognition of chord changes using the chords of C F and G in a 12 bar blues form. There is also an adaptation of an African chant which again uses the same three chords. 'Tedumela 'means `the drum' and it is appropriate that this First Steps series, most of which is concerned with rhythm, should conclude with a rhythmical and harmonic work out on a traditional African drum rhythm.


Concept Corner - 6 podcasts

They cover a variety of concepts which would be useful to know, particularly the examples of tunes moving by step and leap. This section should be seen as an `extra' in the package which, if covered in detail, will only benefit students in later life. The exercises and demonstrations cover diverse musical topics including
Musical examples of - Melody/Repetition/Rest/Leap/Step/Ascending/ Descending/Chords/Harmony/Accompanying/Unison/ Bass Line/Vamp/Minor Key/ Major Chord/ Pizzicato/Legato/Slap Bass/Ornaments/Embellishments/Vibrato/ Legato/Staccato/GlissandoChords/Single notes/Arpeggio/Alberti Bass/ Broken Chord/Drumkit/Timpani/ Pianissimo/Fortissimo/Accent/Dotted Notes/ Anacrusis/Playing on the beat.

6 podcasts

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