Jazz Beginnings

Jazz Beginnings’ is the Ideal Introduction to Jazz

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This complete learning programme and is divided into three parts.

PART 1  - Jazz Rhythms

This first section deals with the reading and playing of jazz rhythms and gives clear examples of the difference between how jazz looks on manuscript and how jazz sounds. Using the Blues scale, the player then applies the rhythms to the 12 bar blues and is launched into jazz improvisation.

PART 2  - Jazz Harmony

This section describes the four main seventh chords, their construction and the way they are connected through guide tones.

PART 3  - Chord Sequence

This third section consists of eight chord sequences in graded steps: three 12 bar blues, three ‘I Got Rhythm’ chord changes and two original compositions, completing a unique package.

Jazz Beginnings 15

This learning programme is aimed at showing you how to play jazz.

Even if you feel that you may lack a natural skill for improvisation, skill can be developed with practice.

This programme sets out to stimulate the parts of your brain which have yet to see action in improvised music, and our aim is for you to produce a ‘chorus’ (ie an improvisation over a chord sequence) which ‘swings’.

To create this instant melody you must first of all be secure in jazz rhythm and harmony.

Enjoy the Jazz Beginnings Series!

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