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Jazz Essentials is my method for learning to improvise from the basement up! Just as when you build a house you begin with laying the foundations, so in my Jazz Essentials you learn the fundamental building blocks for playing jazz.

Each lesson builds on the lesson before and therefore your musical vocabulary will grow with the colours you acquire through understanding each concept before you move on to the next. Please, don’t be in a hurry – playing music is a lifetime’s work, and not something acquired without careful thought.

Jazz Essentials series is the first of a range of tutorials that I have been developing and perfecting through years of instructing jazz players and teachers. My proven methods are now available to you, at home, through these new on-line tutorials. Enjoy the benefits of my teaching experience and if you follow the guidelines you will have at your disposal the tools of the improvisor, and have the knowledge to play a jazz solo..

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Tommy Smith - "His educational dedication in the field of jazz over numerous decades has fueled the potential careers of countless young musicians."

Tim Garland - "Richard's enthusiasm is infectious! I can think of no-one better to demystify the joys of jazz music."

Peter Erskine - "Richard Michael presented one of the best jazz classes I have ever had the pleasure to witness: informative, fun and, most importantly, inspiring for all involved. I wish that jazz had more educators and advocates like Richard Michael!"

Other programmes in the series are in production at the moment and will be live soon.

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